Experiences that will unlock your true potential and have you coming back for more. Whether you are looking at triathlon, table tennis, skiing or living pain free UTS Bath can cater for you.

Together we have over 25 years experience in the personal training and group fitness. Our services and our partners provide clients with bespoke training programmes, that look at the whole health cycle to plan and structure goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and in a time frame that works under each individual.

A detailed health and lifestyle assessment will set a base level of where you currently stand in relation to your goals, a fitness assessment follows to determine the intensity that will best suit you when you start your training plan. These assessments are tailor made to suit each client, so whether your goal is to run quicker or you have a fragile back, there are a number of postural tests that can be performed, each test is only used if applicable to you. With the findings from the consultation, we will work with you to identify and prioritise your training plan.


We pride oursleves in offering a pricing plan that works around you, your goals and your budget, so please get in touch to find out more.


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We firmly believes that to achieve your health and fitness goals you must follow the correct nutritional program. Firstly an outline of your current diet will be discussed and will determine whether a plan will need to be drawn up to maximise the effectiveness of your programme . We will work with you to create an eating schedule you like and can stick to.


We carry the latest exercise equipment such as the Watt bike, used by Olympic athletes, to VIPR  guaranteed to improve core strength and burn fat! With a wide variety of training methods and exercise combinations each session is varied and will leave you feeling invigorated, and wanting more.


It is important that you get a plan you can complete yourself as to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible you will need to exercise on a regular basis.  We design a progressive plan of exercise for you to complete in your gym, in your home or out and about. This plan will really enable you to feel and see yourself improving as you power towards your goal.

“A first class service from a great bunch. After a long absence at gyms they inspired me to return.”