Meet the coaches.



As coaches we want to help you be the best you can be. As athletes we know what it takes. As people we understand the commitment needed.

Our formula is simple; providing all the necessary support and expert advice to unlock your true potential.

'We firmly believe a good group dynamic helps breed success.'

We are proud to be supported by Planet X Bikes, a Dietcian, as well as massage and injury specialists to ensure all your racing, coaching and training needs are met. If you are a beginner determined to improve or a seasoned triathlete searching for PB's, then Urban Endurance coaching is for you.




head Coach &  L3 Personal Trainer 

2017 World championship qualifier Ironman 

Father of 3 , paul has worked in the fitness industry over 15 years. The last 4 years paul has been immersed in the triathlon world. He's competed many multiple distances races to fully understand each distance and what it takes to achieve the best you can be.  




L3 Personal Trainer, strength & conditionning 

 2018 World Championship Qualifier 70.3

Fitness has always been a passion of Joey's. In his early years, Joey could often be seen riding his bike up and down the country lanes of Devon. 
Joey is a hugely supportive trainer and strives to encourage others to change their lifestyle habits and reach out to their life goals. From weight loss to Ironman triathlon, he is enthusiastic about you all!



L3 Personal Trainer , injury prevention 

TEAM GB age group qualifier 70.3

simon has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry: from gyms, to part owning 2 fitness businesses in jersey and bath. after his own health scare simon's triathlon goals are on hold.

simon's role with urban endurance is to provide support in the way of  courses for conditioning and injury prevention.



l3 Personal Trainer, swim coach

2008 and 2012 TEAM GB Olympian

world record holder

involved in competing and training at world-class level sport for over 10 years and being trained by a variety of top coaches. Jemma, the young gun of the team, has experience in fitness, injury prevention, strength & core stability, as well as weight management. The guys are lucky to have Jemma as an addition to urban endurance


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great offers on bikes and apparal 

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