Urban Strength FAQ

How do I sign up?

Simply contact us to arrange a trial session.  Assuming you enjoy the session (and we're pretty sure you will!) we will contact you to discuss the package options available.

Is there car parking?

Anywhere in the red tarmac area is looked after by us.  Parking on the street is also free before 8am and after 6pm. (It's Bath Zone 1 parking.)

What training gear should I wear?

You don't need anything fancy!  Adequate trainers, a t-shirt or training top that you don't mind getting a little dirty, and shorts or training bottoms.  You may wish to bring gloves, especially in winter, as well as a hat (although we promise you'll soon warm up).  It's important to wear clothes that are not restrictive and but also not too baggy, so  we can determine if your body moves in the correct manner.

Is water provided?

We do recommend that you bring your own water bottle – however we do have a water cooler and cups on site.

Do the training sessions run when it rains?

Yes!  We do our best to keep you dry, but please bring wet weather gear if the forecast looks damp.  A brightly coloured waterproof jacket works well here.

What does it cost to join?

We like to give everyone a free trial session to see if our training methods are enjoyable and work for you. Once you have decided to sign-up, we have a number of packages available.  Take a look at the package pricing.

How do I pay?

You can sign up right away just follow the link  or we will provide our bank account details so you can set up a regular payment.  Cash payments can be paid directly to the trainer leading the session and card payments can also be taken if required.  All payments need to be made by the 4th of each month, unless otherwise agreed.

What do I need to bring with me?

Determination!  Seriously though all you really need is the correct training attire (see above),  a water bottle (although we do have drinking cups and water) and a towel is useful too.  It's always good to bring a friend to settle you in, however if you're a lone wolf, then coming alone is fine with us!

What age group of people come?

We have a wide range of clients aged between 18-65.  Everyone is welcome and we  are happy to tweak the sessions  depending on your exercise ability.

How many people in a group session?

Typically we have between 6 and 12 people per session but we can accommodate up to 20 people. 

What’s the benefit in coming?

Our various training sessions work on different focusses. During UTS you will be able to improve your health and fitness and make friends along the way!

Will the sessions ever be cancelled?

The sessions over bank holidays will be at alternative times, details will be posted on the website and Facebook and Twitter.

What fitness level should I be?

You should have some basic understanding of exercise before joining in with UTS, however a popular package is to combine our personal training service, with group training sessions. This gives the trainer a particular focus during the one to one sessions, and gives you the confidence to participate in a group session.

When does it run?

Check out our timetable.

Where is it?

You can find us on this map.

Do you cater for people with specific needs?

Yes, you can combine our personal training package with UTS group training for the ultimate in body transformation.  Contact us for more information.

I have an injury can I still do it?

If you are cleared by a doctor to perform basic exercise, and have agreed alternatives with the trainer then you are very welcome to continue training. We require you booking a PT consultation prior to attending a group session or be on a Personal training package so we can fully understand your injury limitations. 

Got another question? Just ask.

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