Success story races alongside Olympic gold medallist

Back in January 2015, my weight hit an all time high - 106.7kg. Dieting didn't work (in fact it shot back up to more than when I started!) so I tried a counterweight course with Sirona Health. We learnt about how to control our hunger and eat differently and within six months I'd lost 10% of my body weight. It kept falling off until I hit 94kg - but then I plateaued. I knew the only way to keep the kilos dropping was to start getting more active.

I did some research on personal trainers and knew straight away I had to try Vibe Fitness. I had a preliminary meeting with Simon to discuss my  requirements and then a quick session to assess my fitness. I really thought he was trying to kill me at first - but knew I had to stick it out!

It wasn't long before I was hooked. No two workouts were the same and with the support of the Trainerize app I was able to do exercises at home with the knowledge that Simon was just a quick email away. When I did my back in (a long term problem) he even adjusted my program at the last minute and helped rehabilitate me back (no pun intended!) to where we were before the injury.

Simon also encouraged me to get out on my bike more and soon I was managing to cycle the hills I'd normally wheel my bike up. Thanks to Vibe Fitness I'd found the will power to keep going and push myself. When I started getting PBs every ride Simon challenged me to cycle 25 miles at the Bike Bath sportive in July 2016. I decided I had nothing to lose - and a bet to win.

Which I did! 2 hours 32 was my official time - I came 38/199 and even met fellow racer, Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams for a quick post-race photo shoot. I couldn't have done it without all the help and support of the Vibe Fitness team, and their sports therapist Adeleine. I can't recommend them highly enough - their enthusiasm and encouragement is second to none and my weight loss and fitness gains are proof (without the pudding!) that they really know their stuff.

Will Ward