Bath Half Marathon Coaching Group

Have you signed you for the Bath half yet?


Are you looking to improve on last year or completing it for the first time? Now is the time to start planning and think about getting back out running again and when it comes to upping the ante closer to the race you aren’t going to have any surprises with injury, illness or fitness levels.


Urban endurance are putting together a 6 month plan for beginners and improvers to achieve their best ever half marathon. This will involve an online plan via training peaks designed by Paul which will give you a week by week progressive plan, gradually building your endurance to allow you to run the full 13.1 miles at the fastest speed you are capable of. There will be a weekly run on Wednesdays from 6pm until 7pm which will be coached with varying routes and focus to suit all abilities. During these sessions we will also look at recovery techniques and have time to ask questions about the ongoing training plan. We will make this experience supportive with a facebook group for all runners to pose questions to the coaches and speak of there training successes and slightly more challenging days.


This will be available to UTS members for a one off £10 payment for the plan and to new members of this group for a one of £10 for the plan + £10 a month.


The Group will start on Wednesday 14th September at 6pm. Get signed up asap to get your space in the group as spaces are limited.

Simon Ridley