The Body Holiday part 3

It was morning and we had seem to have got into a habit of waking up early and this due to our curtains never really being fully drawn, so the light would pour into the room to wake us up. There was so much to do

7am Bike tour

Great time for a bike tour not too hot and saw many people up raring to explore. I hadn't seen a bike for over a week now, well a spin bike, but thats not a proper bike. I started to get excited and my inner cyclist/ child had become known. I was given a bike and before I even got on it, Id noticed a few problems.


Life couldn't get any better at this point, sun, sea and cycling

Life couldn't get any better at this point, sun, sea and cycling

  1. The brakes were the opposite way round , whats that about? 
  2. My water bottle holder was non existent 
  3. My tyres were flat as you like, well it certainly wasn't the 110 psi I was use too. Geek!
  4. Pedal wasn't on correctly , mis threaded which meant that my knee wasn't to happy.


It had to change so I said can I swap please, the easiest thing to say was it has no bottle holder, so I went with that line!

Yes another bike, this time bottle holder check, brakes still wrong way round but i could work with that. most importantly the pedal was on correctly. Tyres pumped up i could no longer blame my trusty steed for the next few hours.


The tour so many people I think around 20, one of the best things about the bike tour was the start, as the resort was at a bottom of the hillside, on the beach it saw a pretty hefty climb to begin.


This was brilliant I got see first hand the ability of the people on the trip. There were ceratinly a few youngsters and certainly a few older couples. Some of which went racing off a million miles an hour, and me seeing them not even half way up weazing ,using the wrong gears and having no idea what sort of challenge they had just leapt at. As I rode by it sounded like they were squeezing every last breath out of their lungs. Now you might say well that sounds cruel, me chuckling to myself as I go by them. Thinking this could be a heart attack waiting to happen. 

No warm up, straight into maximal effort lungs bursting, quads burning and funny pain faces, whats not to laugh about. 


I just think some people don’t think before they act, I have listed thoughts below

  1. The inner hero who has to get to top first, reality gun ho suffer after 1 minute.
  2. The excitement of a bike bites them on the ass later
  3. They think they are fitter then they actually are.
  4. They cant ride a bike.

Anyway enough of my inner PT and cruelty to others. Let talk about the amazing breakfast.

Breakfast Standard Eggs, fruit yumminess . 

Hammock time for power nap and a little read (with winning in mind) Agh its just clicked! my previous blurb had come from the book I had been reading.

Now for Circuits with Martin

Aerobic style warm up

God it was aerobics, it reminded me of the days I use to reach Legs, Bums and Tums. Yeah not my finest few years. My co-ordiantion not the best in the world as KJ swanning , and dancing around adding new steps , and pointing at me laughing. But do you know what I kept going and I was pleased to see that I was doing ok compared with others, which I'd hoped for.

Then we hit it hard 2 minute stations / 1 min per exercise/ 2 minutes on the same muscle group. Time to get my own back on KJ I had a little giggle at times when she was suffering.

hear goes the circuit that broke most attendees.

  • squat hold 1 minute
  • squat pulses 1 minute
  • Bicep curls with a weighted bar 1 minute
  • Bicep curls with bands 1 minute
  • Press ups 1 minute
  • Bosu Press ups 1 minute
  • Abdominal Curls 1 minute
  • Abdominal Rollouts 1 minute
  • Walking lunges 1 minute
  • Walking lunges with weights 1 minute
  • Dips 1 minute
  • single arm dips wide feet 1 minute
  • side plank switches 1 minute
  • planks 1 minute
  • Star jumps 1 minute
  • Burpees 1 minute
  • 2 rounds with 3 minute rest in between rounds 


Massage time, because it certainly was tough, to the point where a few people gave up after round 1 and left, Martin then walked up to the door and then proceeded to lock it and said ok, no more people are leaving, then proceeded to laugh! I liked this guys style and it certainly pushed us to work hard, and thats what its all about.



Sleep and then a snorkel out on the house reef, back for some water melon, and a cheeky homemade cookie., which I have the recipe for by the way. Then back to some down time for cookie to digest and cracking on with the holiday read 'James Cracknell's bio', which certainly played a part in keeping me motivated whilst away, it would of been too easy to have just sat on the beach, eating and drinking all day and this is certainly not my style. A little swim out to sea and then for sunset Yoga which was the highlight of the day, well apart from the small beer as a reward for my efforts of the day as we watched the sun go down.



Simon Ridley