Super Foods 5 - Sweet Potatos


Renee McGregor (Dietitian, Author of ‘Training Food’) - Vibe Fitness nutrition expert


No matter who I am working with, elite, recreational or non-athletes, the key is to help them to tailor their nutritional intake to their training, lifestyle, family commitments and budget. Many of these so-called super foods on the market are costly; you need to eat an awful lot of kale to get the rich nutritional value that is quoted for health benefits. 

In my new book, Training Food” and in my daily practice I have introduced my list of “hero foods” for athletes. The list is by no means exhaustive but in my opinion these particular budget friendly hero foods are my top 10 and are a must on all athletes shopping lists.


Hero Foods 5 - SWEET POTATO

Sweet potatoes have taken over in popularity from the humble white potato due to its high beta carotene antioxidant content and being a great source of complex carbohydrate, providing slow release energy and making it an ideal fuel option before or after exercise. 

They are perfect just baked and served with oily fish as a recovery meal or added to a risotto for a pre-endurance training meal. They can be added to salads or make fabulous soups for lunchtime options, helping to prevent that 4pm sugar slump. I even know some athletes who make them into wedges, add salt and take them out on long training sessions with them. They are a must in every athlete’s store cupboard.

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