Starting (and sticking to) a new fitness regime

Starting a new fitness resolution is easy.  Sticking at it is a whole different story!  Well, so people think, but actually it's easier than you think.

Get started

• Be clear about your goals and date your targets

• Give yourself (realistic!) milestones to reach

• Tell friends and family about them so you don’t back out!

• Treat yourself to some one-to-one time with a personal trainer

• Get a fitness programme specific to your requirements

• Keep your programme up to date

• Book in regular check ups with your personal trainer

Get organised

• Plan the week’s sessions in your diary

• Make sure your gym kit’s ready, running watch/heart rate monitor charged

• Remember to warm up, cool down and stretch

• Treat yourself to regular massages to help muscle recovery

• Prepare healthy meals and snacks in advance (80/20 rule)

• Set a bed time rule to ensure optimal rest (7-8 hours/night ideally)

Stay motivated

• Use mobile phone apps to record progress

• Have a visual reminder to get out and train – hang up that little black dress where you can see it!

• Exercise to music (be careful when running outdoors)

• Try something new – do a group fitness class or be active with your friends/family

• Set benchmarks, such as entering a fitness event

• Get feedback from your personal trainer on your progress

• Reward yourself when you reach your goals

Get in touch if you need a hand to kick start your regime!

Getting fitAli Meredith