Ironman Construction worker Spencer's Journey

In August 2014 having been inspired by the guys at Vibe Fitness Bath completing their respective ironman distances very successfully I registered for ironman nice 2015!that was the easy part.

I needed a plan, knowledge and guidance. So it was quite obvious to me that everything I needed was within the walls of vibe fitness and triathlon coach Paul Ransome. For me eight months of ironman training combined with my work life in construction things looked quite daunting. After I'd sat down with Paul and discussed what my goals were and how much time I could commit to training he set about arranging my plan to suit.

So it began, early morning swims, evening runs,weekend rides,steadily working through the programme. As you progress Paul would tweak the training depending on what stage your at which usually involved greater volume and variation in workouts but there was method behind this and you start to see the benefits of this as you progress. I would be lying if I said there were no doubts and dark moments during training because they were there occasionally, this is where your coach really helps maybe with a kick up the backside with a big dose of motivation, I think vibe fitness's mantra is based on positivity and motivation.

Training almost complete Paul took me through nutrition and race day strategy and not forgetting the all important bike fit,I think I'm ready!

Race Day

Preparation went smoothly such as breakfast, hydration and a very hectic transition area. Standing on the pebbled beach looking out across the Mediterranean with 2800 potential ironman's nerves seem to leave me and the realisation that I'm going to complete an ironman!I crossed the line in 13.53 which is not really the point it's all about the finish.

Swimming in the med,riding in the Alps and running along the promenade de anglais was amazing but crossing the finish line is glorious.I may have done training and completed the ironman but without Paul's coaching and the support of vibe fitness I am pretty sure crossing that finish line would still seem a long way off!


I am an Ironman!