KickStart 6

Work with Experienced Fitness Professionals, and a Registered Dietician to iron out the perfect training and eating plan. We aim to unlock your true potential with an individually tailored programme.

The programme is 6 weeks in length and has been designed to offer a very flexible training schedule for busy people who find it hard to fit exercise into their lifestyles. The kickstart 6 programme covers all bases with our fitness team and Renee McGregor a registered Dietician. The programme combines one to one training, group training sessions, online support and a comprehensive nutrition plan. We believe this formula gives the kick start needed for lasting change.

Personal Training Consultation – Needs analysis, Training history and principles, Lifestyle questionnaire and Movement screen.

A taster of physical training with team Vibe. Meet and discuss exercise experience with a chance to ask questions plan your schedule. Also includes a functional movement screening. Read more about PT here.dreamstime_12220360 small

Usual cost £40.00

Personal Training sessions 1 x 45 minute session per week for 6 weeks.

Following the needs analysis, lifestyle questionnaire and movement screening we will tailor your sessions to your requirements. We will discover exactly where each individual needs to focus there efforts to produce the largest improvements. Every minute of these sessions is personalised to you and your body.

Usual cost £180.00 for 6 sessions

Registered Dietician Renee McGregor – A chance to discuss a personalised eating plan.

Renee works with a wide range of people from athletes, amateurs, gym goers, people who struggle with their weight or even struggle with eating disorders.

Training Food jacket-web

– Enhancing sports performance

– Food diary assessments

– Eating disorders

– Identification of nutrient deficiencies

– Allergies and intolerance

– Weight management

– Practical recipe ideas

Usual cost £50.00

Full Access to UTS group training sessions – More info can be found about sessions at

Embrace the group training atmosphere. There is something to be said about how a group work together; the banter, support and the feeling of being part of a team takes training to a new level at UTS Bath.

Usual cost £97.50 (6 weeks)

Full Access to our new online service – For continued support, monitoring and health screening.

Our new service that gives you instant access to your training plan from your phone. Instructional videos and continued contact with a trainer from Vibe Fitness. Self learning is important and having a specific programme to follow working specifically on your weaknesses. Studies have suggested that even 10 minutes of focussed work will lead to improvements.

Usual cost £60.00 (6 weeks)

All of the above would normally cost £427.50….