Welcome to Urban Endurance.

Urban Endurance is a team of like-minded, passionate coaches, trainers and athletes driven to help endurance athletes achieve their personal best. Triathlon coach, Paul Ransome, leads the way supported by Coaches Joey Rossi, Simon Ridley and Jemma Lowe. Their mission is to help you unlock your true athletic potential. 

The combination of knowledge and experience makes Urban Endurance and their race team Zoot Athlos what it is. From bespoke coaching plans to Aero dynamic coaching during a Retül bike fit , members have the tools for improving performance placed at their fingertips. 

The team mentality and ethic is backed by well known endurance brands Zoot, OTE, Giant bikes and bike fit experts Retül.


Records and achievements.

With the support of our coaches, personal trainers, the Zoot Athlos  community our athletes have achieved incredible things.

But that's only half the story. For every record, PB and Strava KOM there are countless other personal wins. As a community we support each other to be the best athletes we can. 


Team UE community.

Our community is what makes Team UE so special. Follow us on social media or check out our blog to see what's new.